Teachers Going Gradeless



The best reason to go gradeless is to tap into intrinsic motivation. There is no way to truly tap into authentic learning if we are coercing students with rewards and consequences. Authentic learning comes from an innate desire to understand. Eliminating grades is a step towards activating intrinsic motivation. However, going gradeless is only the first step.

When we eliminate grades we have to fill the gap with something else.

This is the purpose of Teachers Going Gradeless. Here you will learn from teachers around the world who are either gradeless or grading less. Here, you’ll discover ways to fill in the gaps.


Our goal is to transform education and make it more ethical and meaningful. Grades were never meant to provide meaningful feedback, They were designed to rank, sort, and manipulate students. Ultimately, grades undermine learning.

It is our goal to liberate education for both students and educators. Grades not only hold our students captive, but they also handcuff teachers, administrators, and schools.


Teachers Going Gradeless (TG2) is an international group of educators who believe that teaching and learning are better when we grade less. Founded in 2016 by Aaron Blackwelder and Arthur Chiaravalli, TG2 provides professional development through its blog, podcast, Facebook group, and the #TG2Chat Twitter chat.

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The Podcast

On the Teachers Going Gradeless podcast you can listen to the voices of gradeless learning. Hear these leaders discuss their WHY, HOW, and WHAT of going gradeless.